While we were out…

So in the 17 months since I last managed to update this blog a lot of life has happened:

  • We celebrated our second wedding Anniversary
  • We went to Vegas for a bachelor party and our first getaway since becoming parents
  • We celebrated the wedding of a couple of our besties where I (Mary) served as Best Man
  • Magnus turned one and we threw an epic Circus Birthday
  • I had a chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage or whatever uncomfortable terminology you prefer
  • We went to Florida and Disneyworld for my 32nd birthday
  • We went back to Florida sans Magnus to celebrate another bestie wedding that Aaron officiated
  • Magnus learned to walk
  • We went to Virginia and Aaron served as best man for his best friend’s wedding
  • I got Lyme Disease
  • Aaron completed his first half-marathon
  • I had sinus surgery
  • I got pregnant
  • Aaron took a new job prosecuting in Southern Indiana
  • I got Hyperemesis Gravidarum
  • We spent two weeks traveling Europe as a family
  • Aaron got accepted to the Air Force JAG core
  • We found out we were having another boy!
  • My parents accepted an offer to sell their house (which was our current home)
  • We threw our annual Fondue February party
  • I got a promotion at work
  • I officiated a wedding of some very dear friends
  • I got put on house arrest by my OB to try to manage my severe Asthma and couldn’t leave the house for 3 months
  • Aaron turned 30
  • The Air Force medical clearance process took an unreasonable 5 months and kept us in super limbo
  • I got steroid-induced Gestational Diabetes
  • We turned down the Air Force
  • We celebrated our third Wedding Anniversary
  • We bought new house
  • We moved in to a lovely house that was very much a shrine to 1996 when I was 35 weeks pregnant
  • We rushed to move and unpack essentials before Charlie arrived
  • I had an emergency-ish C-section at 37 weeks
  • Charlie was born (yeah, that’s sorta the same thing as above, but I deserve a line item here and so does he)
  • We did a whole lot of home projects
  • Magnus turned 2
  • We renovated our kitchen in 2.5 weeks for ~$6K
  • We threw a party to celebrate our new house and new baby
  • We went to Florida
  • I went back to work
  • More home projects
  • etc

It’s been a whirlwind. And yes, too many of those were medical issues for me. Luckily I’m doing SO MUCH better now and Charlie has made our little family so much happier. While things are plenty busy around here with 2 kids and 4 jobs etc,  I’ve majorly missed making this time to share over here, so I’m giving it another try. Here we go!

We’ll share some posts in the coming weeks catching up on the past and then turn and eye to some present projects and future plans, because things are still non-stop over here.

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  1. Becky says:

    I want pics and details of the 6k kitchen reno!

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