Confession: This is officially my third attempt at blogging.

Attempt Numero Uno: I Choose My Choice

Graduated from law school, moved California, decorated an apartment. Completed 22 posts over 11 months.

Attempt Numero Dos: Everything Old Is New Again

Moved back to Indiana, bought my house and chronicled getting it livable. Abandoned around the time I started dating the man who would become my husband. Completed 200+ posts over two years.


A lot has happened since then.  In the two years since I stopped blogging, I met Aaron, we dated, we got engaged, I took a new job with the same company, Aaron moved to Indiana, we got married, and Aaron started a new job. I got appointed to a few non-profit boards locally and Aaron got involved in the local political scene. I started teaching as an adjunct professor at a local university. We attended the weddings of MANY dear friends, celebrated a cabbage-patch-full of friends new babies,  said goodbye to my beloved Grandmother, and celebrated my thirtieth birthday.


We also traveled to Georgia, Florida, New York, Virginia, back to New York, North Carolina, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Barbados, St Martin, St Lucia, St Kitts, back to Puerto Rico,  back to Florida (in that order). We cooked and ate some incredible meals, celebrated two years worth of holidays, had cameo roles in a local theater production, and a had a whole lot of fun.

On the home front, we tried to sell our house to move down the street into my dream house. To prepare for that we gave the laundry room a makeover, freshened up the kitchen hardware, and completed a bunch of small repairs. But after a very frustrating year of lots of people “loving the house” and no people buying the house, we had to do some major regrouping. We looked at refinancing to support a giant professional overhaul, but when the numbers didn’t come in as well we hoped we used our frustration to fuel demo and got to work ourselves.


In a few short weeks we’d knocked down two walls, relocated a closet, stripped wallpaper, repaired walls, moved wiring, reassembled our hallway built-in in a new location, patched a floor, and repainted everything. And just like that, our wonky disjointed upstairs floorplan flowed again connecting the front and back halves of the upstairs. We also invested in several new furniture pieces, most of which we’ve bought at auction for pennies on the dollar, and updated the decor of several rooms. Even though I’d quit blogging, I couldn’t stay away from DIY and design.

In the months since the wedding and the renovation, I’ve found myself itching for projects and a creative community. I knew I wanted to find my way back to the bloggosphere, but with my favorite bloggers dropping like flies, and having failed twice before, I wanted to make sure I was really ready to commit to doing this thing right.

What makes me think I can stick with it this time? Well for starters I’m older and wiser, but more than that, I have a partner this time. My husband, true to form, is ready to roll up his sleeves and dive in with me. And we are on the brink of a brand new adventure…..


So in addition to supporting the growth and development of this little life inside of me, we’re making some new year, new blog resolutions:

  • We will blog the good, the bad, and the ugly. As much as I may like to pretend that our life is 100% pinspirational, real is beautiful.
  • We will stick with this until Baby A starts school. While we can’t and won’t go as far as to promise that we won’t disappear for a scheduled or unscheduled hiatus from time to time, we are committing to each other and to you dear readers to keep checking in for the next five years.
  • We will invest in making this blog the best it can be. While iPhone photos won’t be disappearing, as this blog grows we will strive to keep improving its production value meaning better pictures and eventually better coding and organization.

Over the next few days we’ll be posting more about our plans for our little corner of the world wide web, but for now,  Happy New Year, Welcome to 2015 and to Designs on the Sweet Life!


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  1. Kristin says:

    Congratulations!! And welcome back to blogging, can’t wait to read more!

  2. sarahpheral says:

    That was supposed to be “yay. :-D”.

  3. sarahpheral says:


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