Apologies in advance if this post a little too Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, but it’s been on my mind…

Last week someone that Aaron and I care about got some very sudden and heartbreaking news. It is the kind of news you just can’t prepare yourself for and that changes life in an instant. I’m not sharing the details here, because it isn’t my news to share and I want to be respectful to the privacy of the people closest to the situation.  But as I keep those most impacted in my thoughts and prayers, I’m also thinking a lot about how quickly life changes. It’s happened to me over and over again in ways both wonderful and terrible.

Going on 7 years ago, I was out at bar with some friends celebrating being back in Indiana for my last year of law school, without a care in the world. The next thing I knew I was standing out on the sidewalk in front of it with my head spinning trying to make sense of the phone call I’d received. My vibrant 23-year-old best friend was dead. I didn’t see it coming.

One chilly evening in November 2012, I was putting away Thanksgiving leftovers and some guy from Ohio sent me a message that ended up changing the course of my life. Within five months I’d be engaged to marry him, and before a year was up, he’d be leaving a dream job to come build a life with me. I didn’t see it coming then either.

One Friday this November, I was home sick, hoping just to feel better so I could celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday, when after a minute of waiting, a second pink line appeared and all of the sudden I was a parent. We were trying, but even still I barely saw it coming.

As John Lennon sings, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Amen to that! And you never really know when it’s going to zig or zag.

It’s really easy for me in this season of life to want time to go faster or to know what the future holds. It’s very tempting to wish the week away longing for the weekend, or the beg the weeks to go faster so we can hurry up and meet our baby.  Or just to know what is coming around the corner. And when the days are hard it’s also tempting to long for the past (and carefree wine drinking), or to idealize some yesterday when things felt easier or more sure. But Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised, what I have is today. I better get out there and enjoy it!




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