The Mindful Attraction Plan (A Review)

I’m a sucker for self-help books. And also anything involving peanut butter or wasabi. But this isn’t a post about peanut butter or wasabi! (I should never write a post just before lunch); it’s about a self-help book I’ve re-read lately.

The book is: The Mindful Attraction Plan: Your Practical Roadmap to Creating the Life, Love and Success You Want, by Athol Kay.

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Overall rating: One a scale of McDonalds to Chipotle, I would give this book a solid score of Chic-Fil A (9/10).

This book has been really good for me by emphasizing a positive approach to growth and ways to engage with areas of life that need work.

The big take-aways are:

  1. Giving negative attention to problems perpetuates the problems and reduces the free energy I have to deal with them. 
  2. All everyone, I know many easy-to-fix things that are draining energy in my life.
  3. Even if they are totally unrelated, fixing unrelated problems will make me higher energy and give me the momentum required to tackle areas that I’ve worked hard (and unsuccessfully) to fix time and again. 

This is my favorite kind of self-help book:: it doesn’t revolutionize the world as we know it, it won’t win a nobel prize, but it takes topics that we know we need to do better at and provides a new lens to consider it from. It has many, many quotes that hit me as so obvious once I hear them that I struggle to understand how I didn’t think of it this way before.


Two excerpts:

Solution #2 Energy Comes in Sets

If you pay close attention, you’ll start noticing many seemingly unrelated events link together in a loose set. An example of sets could be something like:

“High School, living with parents, first girlfriend, crappy car, burger flipper.

College, living in a dorm, more serious girlfriend, cheap car, internship.

First real job, apartment, co-habitating, nice leased car, graduate studies.

Promotion at work, house, married, new car, completing graduate study.

In the example sets above, as soon as you get your first real job making decent money, suddenly you can afford moving into an apartment, that makes having someone move in with you a possibility. Then with the shared income you can afford a better car, then you’re encouraged to keep going to school part-time. It all comes as a set.

This was a ‘duh’ moment for me, in that it’s obviously true when I hear it, but it also makes obvious what can be done to make my life better: find the things that don’t belong, that are pulling down the average, and leverage strengths to solve weaknesses; AND/OR find ways to bring higher energy set items into your life to help you push through and improve everything else.  The next six chapters of the book provide a step-by-step simple roadmap to get positive momentum happening.

Each of the six chapters deals with one area of life / life management, and serves as a reminder of the things we can do, the agency we have, to fix a multitude of things in our lives that either can bring in energy, or drain out energy. One example that I am guilty of:

“Red (Draining)- Stop Ignoring Broken Items

Broken items lower your energy.

Every time you go to use the dryer and realize “duh, the dryer is broken”, that saps your energy. You need to fix the dryer, find someone who can fix it, or you should replace it.

Every time you walk past the broken laundry room door, you lose a little energy thinking about it in the back of your head.

When the indicator lights go out in your car, you lose some energy thinking about how dangerous it is to be driving around with broken indicator lights. Never mind the brakes being old and the tires worn away to nothing. Just knowing about it all drains your energy.

If you have to use it, you can’t just toss it away, but you do have to fix it.”

Simple. Powerful.This is one that sneaks up on my wife from time to time. She will point out something that needs fixed, I’ll volunteer to do it, we’ll agree it’s not a ‘today’ priority, and somewhere between that day and 6 months later a switch flips from ‘not a priority’ to ‘THIS NEEDS DONE LAST YEAR!!!!”. Getting these 15 minute tasks done really adds up, and prevents the little aggravations in life from stacking up. And that reminds me, I need to fix a sticky drawer.

To wrap this up:: All I (or you) have to do is get busy and start working on ONE thing, and everything else gets easier. And if you like this review, the next review is all about doing One thing. Stay tuned….

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