TBT, Birthday Style

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

Aaron is celebrating by taking a well-deserved day off work and then we’re heading over to Bloomington for a birthday dinner with the family.

One thing I really love about my family is our silliness surrounding birthdays. With maybe 5 exceptions in all of 30+ years of being a family unit, we all get together to celebrate on the actual birthday itself. Most in my family have winter birthdays, so this has often meant traversing icy, snowy roads to get to birthday dinners all around the state of Indiana, but it’s well worth it to be together. Sadly I missed a few when I lived out in California and we’ve rescheduled a couple in more recent times, but the spirit of the tradition is alive and well. I’m curious to see what happens to this once my baby sister picks a PhD program that may be as far away as England, but I’m hopeful we will find a way to keep the magic alive. I love traditions! And of course as Aaron joined the family, he’s gotten sucked into the craziness.

Let’s throw back to some prior birthday celebrations for Aaron, shall we?

Two years ago we celebrated Aaron and Easter on the same day complete with birthday bunny cake.


Last year Aaron’s birthday was celebrated at our happy place, the Jonesville Tavern, aka “The Brick” and I made a multi-tiered naked carrot cake topped with a gum-paste Aaron (and Totle) .


If you’ll permit a little mushiness, this man is a huge part of my happiness and just the best partner a girl could ask for. I’m not baking an elaborate cake this year because we’ve been really busy and Aaron told me to take it easy on account of the whole baby-growing thing, but I’m still really looking forward to celebrating him. He’s very laid back about his birthday which only makes me want to spoil him more. He deserves so much goodness. With each year and new experience,  Aaron is someone who is always growing and looking for ways to improve. He was already pretty great when I met him, but I can say without reservation that he only gets better with age. I can’t wait to see what 28 has in store for this guy! Love you hubband!

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