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A Birth Story: Magnus Leo Allard

Happy Mother’s Day! Seems like a good day to share the story of how I became a mama to one perfect little ball of mischief and love. Magnus was due July 24th. It’s completely silly, but in my heart, I

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Showered with Love, And Books!

So you know how I said I’d be rewinding? This is some of that, it’s older but too cute not to share. WAY back in late May, baby sister assisted by some of my very best friends, threw a little

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And we’re back.. + 1 new baby – 1 old house

Ok, unintentional 3 month blog break. Let’s blame the care and feeding of one tiny lil baby shall we? Want to play quickie catch-up before I rewind and delve into some of the details? It’s been the best three months

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Right now I live between two worlds. I am in many ways a mother, yet I do not have my baby to hold. I still technically own a home, but I no longer really live there. I am straddling two

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Nursery Reveal & Budget Breakdown

As Aaron showed off last week, the former kitchen-turned-craft-room was seriously upgraded into a proper bedroom just in time for us to hit the May market in hopes of selling our house. Given that we have a baby looming whether

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Nursery Update: It’s officially a bedroom!

With Baby Allard growing like a weed in utero, and our increasing clarity that we might like to downsize our house to afford a more flexible lifestyle, it became very clear that stay or go, our bonus room/craft room/ leftover

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Nursery Art Project: Watch with Glittering Eyes

I’ve had my eye on a Roald Dahl quote for Baby A’s room for months. It’s from his masterpiece Matila, and reads: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always

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I’m pregnant with emotion, she’s pregnant with a baby

One of the biggest things going on in our life right now is our family of two becoming a family of three. Mary has written here about the progress of little baby boy, and shared some of her experience and

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Gearing up for baby

Holy crap! I’m halfway through my 6th month of pregnancy. Our little guy is scheduled to being weighing in somewhere around 1.5lbs right about now, but he’s been measuring ahead so who knows! He’s almost 2/3 of the way cooked! While

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Nursery Progress

When we last saw the Craft Room Nursery 2ish months ago, I’d just demoed out the cabinets and shut off the plumbing. I’d love to come back with an “after” but progress has been slower going on this project. I’ve been

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