Puppy Bouquet

Photo Credit: Pomp & Bloom, Columbus IN

Photo Credit: Pomp & Bloom’s, Columbus IN

As I’ve mentioned previously, my smart-cookie of a baby sister is seeking admission to a top PhD program in Developmental Psychology and has been jet-setting all over the country virtually every weekend since the semester began to interview with different schools.

This Saturday night Aaron and I were on airport duty to pick her up from the last of her scheduled interview weekends. We decided we wanted to bring something with us to welcome her home and congratulate her on successfully completing the grad school interview gauntlet. My mind immediately went to our dog Totle, as he is her favorite living thing, but he’s not exactly cooperative on car trips, so I thought maybe flowers?

Then I saw an ad for a puppy bouquet from a talented local florist that happened to resemble our dog Totle, and since baby sister is even more obsessed with Totle than I am, I knew it was just the ticket.

I was getting ready to call in an order when I realized I could probably make it myself, so that’s exactly what I did. While I am all for supporting professional florists, especially when their work is as good as what I’ve been seeing from Pomp & Bloom, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a crack at DIYing a floral Totle of my very own.

I did a Pinterest search for Puppy Bouquet and found a link to this YouTube tutorial and was thoroughly convinced it was within my skillset, so off I went to gather supplies.

For $19 from Kroger I picked up:

  • 11 white carnations ($6.99)
  • 2 white hydrangea blooms ($4.00) (the tutorial I watched called for 12 carnations and Kroger only had 11 white, so I bought these as backup)
  • A bunch of Leafy Greens ($4.00)
  • A small bunch of Purple wax-flower ($4.00)

Then I headed over to Hobby Lobby for a spool of ribbon, a small basket, some floral foam, a package of plastic animal eyes and a package of plastic animal noses, all for about $15.

Animal Noses

Animal Noses

Animal Eyes

Animal Eyes


From there I trimmed the floral foam to fit in my basket, prepped my flowers (trimmed the stems, removed lower leaves, etc) and started arranging with the tutorial as my guide.



The body taking shape

The body taking shape

Within 5 or so minutes, Floral Totle was really taking shape.  I ended up using a hydrangea as his head and built his ears and paws out of the carnations, but I’m pretty sure I could have gotten by just using the carnations.

After I had his basic shape constructed, I started embellishing him. I use E600 glue to affix the eyes and nose, used a pink marker to color one of the hydrangea petals pink for his tongue and crafted his bowtie out of ribbon.

Then it was just a matter of filling in around him with the greens and wax-flower to cover and spots the foam was showing.

All told the project took about 15 minutes, and my sister LOVED it. I think there is a good chance floral Totles may be popping up for other holidays and occasions.


The finished project! Almost as cute as the real dog, and much quieter.




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you to my sweet and talented sister!

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