Powerlifting and the Power of Putting Yourself Out There

This last weekend I (Aaron) turned another year older, and to celebrate I decided to treat / challenge myself to doing my first weight-lifting competition. All in all, it was a great experience: I beat the other novice in my weight class and I beat all my personal records!

image  Now I’m not what you’d call a born athlete. I ran cross country and track in middle / high school. To really get an idea of how well-suited I was for long distance running, just picture Michelle Kwan competing as an Olympic shot-putter. Nevertheless, I stuck with it and through hard work… I continued to be awful.

But that’s kinda why I really enjoyed this weightlifting competition: I liked feeling like an athlete and seeing myself that way.

I shared a while back that I’ve been weightlifting for the better part of 10 months now, but this was my first foray into putting myself out there in an organized fashion.

Knowing that I was going to be competing  was a powerful motivator for me. I found real value in discovering this event existed, and using my registration for it as a boost to my training regimen. It essentially gave me a deadline, a day where I would practice my skills in a more public setting.

So in addition to coming to know my inner athlete, by doing this event, I saw again, the power in putting myself out there.

This blog does a little bit of the same thing for Mary and I, it’s a way of putting ourselves out there and capturing our progress. And it works there too, to keep us moving on projects and plans and goals.

Almost all of us have a hobby  or talent or goal, that we are  practicing or working on; and, whether that’s a fitness routine or singing or underwater basket weaving, it can stagnate.  Knowing you’ve got a performance or competition coming up gets you fired up instead of going through the motions. I knew I enjoyed getting stronger, and that kept me lifting, but knowing I would be competing gave me focus.

Taking our passions to the next level opens us up to new possibilities. That sounds obvious, if you’re doing something new than new things can happen to you, but if you’re anything like me sometimes it’s easy to forget things can grow and change, they don’t have to stay the same. This powerlifting meet was a powerful reminder of that for me.

What have you done lately to put yourself out there? Leave a comment and let us know!

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