Nursery Update: It’s officially a bedroom!

With Baby Allard growing like a weed in utero, and our increasing clarity that we might like to downsize our house to afford a more flexible lifestyle, it became very clear that stay or go, our bonus room/craft room/ leftover kitchen needed to become a proper bedroom and quickly. Thankfully all the construction is done and the room is fully-functional, and since Mary has already given you a sneak peek of one of the art projects, it seemed like high time to provide an update.

When we started planning and scheming for a nursery for our little lion man, we whipped up some Nursery plans, debated layout,  and found inspiration. As I got to work on stripping the room down and building it back up with a new wall , we realized we wanted to sell our house, so we opted to keep the same wall color in favor of the royal blue we’d planned, and decided to bring in carpeting.

While I casually worked on the project since January, April was when it really kicked into high gear. In a few weeks of evenings and weekends I: dismantled the cabinets (top and bottom) and hauled them out, pulled out the 8 foot steel countertop, removed the pipes hooking into the sink, brought in a plumber to cap off the lines, pulled up all the tile for the floor, built-up the floor with plywood to level it, built a back wall, built a closet, relocated wiring, framed out and mounted a door we had leftover from another project.

We hired our handy man to put the finishing touches on the spackling, sanding, and painting because we were running up against our self-imposed deadline to get our house on the market and had professionals install the carpet, but otherwise it was all me. And as a future dad, it makes really proud to know how much of my blood and sweat went into we converting this room to a proper bedroom. It feels great to be able to do this for my family, because regardless of the outcome I know I’ve improved our position by either making our house more marketable and inviting for a new family, or if we don’t sell, by preparing the room for my son.

We were in such a hurry to get it all ready for the baby and the showings, we failed to snap enough pictures of the empty room, but here’s one as we started moving things in:


And in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the same view pre-project:

We’ve come a long way! Mary will be back soon with detail posts on design and decorating.

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