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When we last saw the Craft Room Nursery 2ish months ago, I’d just demoed out the cabinets and shut off the plumbing. I’d love to come back with an “after” but progress has been slower going on this project. I’ve been quite busy with a big project at work that’s had me working longer hours than what is typical for me, and then with the robbery, things have mostly sat in the Nursery. I did manage to remove the wallpaper from the small portion of the side wall, but otherwise nothing’s happened.

But now that we are more than halfway to baby, this project is starting to feel a little bit more urgent, so I’ve dug back in. After some closer inspection at the plumbing situation we had going on for the sink up there, I noticed that the plumbing for the sink appeared to be tied in to the plumbing for the bathroom that is directly under it downstairs. Between that and my reservations about hacking off the old metal piping that ran from the wall, I decided it was worth it to call in a little bit of professional help.  I called in Barr Plumbing and after describing my needs for the project they estimated it would be 1-3 hours of work, so I had them send someone out this morning. They arrived right on time, answered my questions thoroughly, and completed the work in under an hour and half. Now the plumbing is completely capped off and we are ready to address that back wall.


If you weighed in Mary’s closet question, you may be interested to know that our preferred option for a closet location (cutting a new door and splitting the adjoining bedroom’s closet) isn’t going to work out. We have  reason to believe that the the wall in question may be load bearing. We could call in a structural engineer to evaluate the wall, but just the evaluation is likely to run in the $300-$500 range and if the wall is indeed load bearing, we’d be spending a whole lot more than that (~$2K) to redistribute the load in order to cut the door we want. And that location is just not worth the cost for us. So we’re going to need to build a closet along the back wall instead.  And because that back wall is just plaster right over brick and the electrical isn’t buried within the wall, nor is it insulated, I’m going to also be framing out and dry-walling over it so that we can run the wires behind and add some insulation. It also means that I won’t be scraping and peeling anymore of that aged floral wallpaper, so it can live on behind the new wall.

I know that my lovely wife is anxious to start decorating, my goal is to have the wall, the closet and painting all done by my birthday (April 2nd) so we can go ahead and have the new flooring installed. I better get to work!


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