New Year, New Throw Pillows

New pillows!

New pillows!

I mentioned in my post on improving my attitude on January  my good friends at Target were a key part of helping me embrace the end of Christmas.


How cute is this stuff?

As the clearance holiday items were cleared out, new home decor was brought in. And I fell in love with a tribal chevron pillow in emerald and navy (pic on the left). I also really liked the coral and rubberwood collection but it doesn’t work as well in my home. The pillows however? Perfection!

Don't they look swell?

Don’t they look swell?


In addition to my new Target pillows I can also show off a Christmas gift from my sweet husband. He knows I’m smitten with a famous Schumacher print called Chiang Mai dragon but hadn’t pulled the trigger as it’s $200+ per yard fabric price tag was too rich for my blood, so he surprised me with a pair of darling little throw pillows that he ordered for me on Etsy.


I also picked up some budget blooms from my neighborhood Kroger and created some cute little arrangements to brighten the space and my mood. Aren’t fresh flowers just transformative? I’m not the only one who thinks so, research scientists at Rutgers have shown that “flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room.” I find myself really jealous of people who live near real flower markets. Being in a small town in Indiana without a flower market usually my pickings are SLIM, but  I was pleased to find some fuchsia stock, and yellow spray roses to liven up white and fuchsia carnations and some ferns. I also arrived at the perfect time because the kind lady in the floral department was disposing of bouquets that were past their prime, so she asked if I’d like to take one home for free. The lilies were trashed, but as I hate lilies anyway it was no big loss and I was able to rescue some lovely mums and roses to fill out my arrangements.

Things are decidedly more cheerful in our living room!

IMG_1935 IMG_1936

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  1. Kara says:

    i love your decorating for your living room! The picture layout above the couch is awesome.

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