Moving Out, While Largely Unable to Move

HA! This post was written a few days before Mr. Magnus arrived in early July, I’ll go ahead and post it now without edits and still an update on the end.

So if you missed the announcement in our last post, we’re under contract to sell our house! This is great news, as we wanted to sell our house to make room for more flexibility in our lifestyle. We still have a closing to get through, but we’ve cleared all the major hurdles and are hopeful that it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

So yay! We’re moving. But I’m nine months pregnant and have been on and off bed-rest over the last two months trying to prevent a preterm arrival of our little man, Magnus Leo, which makes moving and really all things infinitely harder. I know some women are either lucky (or tanks) and can keep working full-speed right up until delivery but that just hasn’t been my experience. After an infection in early May kicked off pre-term labor, things had been pretty well under control most of June, right up until last weekend I pushed myself too a little too hard physically trying to get sets ready for Willy Wonka, and whamo – contractions were back with a vengeance. I thought I was pacing, I stayed hydrated, I sought seated tasks, I let people help, but baby was not having it. So I had to listen to my doctors, my body, and my baby and slow things way back down. Obviously I wasn’t going to be doing any heavy lifting anyway, but this development is going to make the task of moving even harder as it limits my ability to make trips up and down the stairs, pack, bend over, generally exist, etc.

Lucky for me, my husband is a beast. Like could almost be a one-man moving company. Years of experience with manual labor and his last year of active weight-training have made many jobs that I’d expect to need three men for, solo work for my hulk of a husband. This helps a lot. We looked at hiring professional help for the whole enterprise, but given that we aren’t planning a one for one move, there is still a lot of leg-work required on our end organizing and once we do that, it doesn’t seem to make as much sense to spend big bucks if we have to do hard work anyway.

So Aaron is the muscle, and I’m trying to pull my weight, despite not being able to carry any weight, by making super-detailed plans and designing strategies to chunk the activity into smaller bites so we have a prayer of getting it done around/before baby.

I’ve started by making a master spreadsheet of all of our furniture and major case goods and labeling it as use, sell, or store. To do this I had to have a plan for where our stuff could fit in at my parents house. They’ve been super flexible about making room for us and our stuff and my mom and I were able to talk through using my favorite free floor planning software ( where everything should go.

Once stuff was designated “use”, I added another column to indicate what room at my parents’ house it would move to. Where it was sell, I added an asking price, so I’d have that all ready to go to list stuff on craigslist and/or price it for a garage sale.

Moving List

Aaron and my parents got the ball rolling last week by clearing out what will be our new bedroom at their house, and we’re now in full-scale moving mode. It isn’t exactly easy or stress-free, but if we can get the bulk of it done before baby, it’ll be worth it!

Update: We sailed through our closing and offically sold the house. We had to be out two days before Magnus’s due date aka, twoish weeks after he was actually born. It was insanity. Things are STILL in boxes. I still think the spreadsheets were a good call, it would have been better if more people had read them, or if we’d had really any other timing situation. Kudos to Aaron, my parents and our dear friends Allie & Ross for getting us through it!

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