Mastering a New Master – Mini Move and Design Plan

We wanted to wait for the official closing for the big move (out of prudence), but given the very real possibility that my early labor could turn into active labor at really any point, we opted to move our bedroom early.

The thinking there was that in doing so, no matter when Magnus made his grand debut, we’d have one room ready to go for us coming home from the hospital. I’d also read a good tip for any move is to pick one room to set up first before tackling others, so that you have a port in the storm that is a sea of moving boxes. This was a good decision for us, since as you know now he showed up three weeks early! It also made sense because we planned for him to be bunking in our bedroom the first several weeks anyway (STILL IS).


The old Master, but apparently on laundry day missing the grey duvet

Our master in the old house was only okay. And because no two rooms are identical, and our bedroom is  higher value real estate to us in a shared housing situation, I wasn’t comfortable just transporting our current setup straight into the new room, things needed to be remixed. For starters the room we moved out of was on the smaller side for a master (14′ x 13′) with alcoves that make the space a little harder to lay out, and several elements needed to be addressed: 

  • The tiny little nightstands that didn’t meet our storage needs leaving the tops perpetually cluttered
  • The leather headboard we’ve been using we’d purchased for song at auction (I think we have $50 in it) and wasn’t playing nicely with our low-profile box springs (it left a gap that pillows fell through nightly)
  • The rug situation, because we’d agreed to include the rug in our current bedroom in the sale of our house.
  • We need more drawer storage to offset what we’ll lose in our hallway built-in (that’s where Aaron had been keeping his casual clothes).
  • I needed to find space in our new living situation for the adorable coral x-benches we’d gotten as wedding presents from my cousin Mariel
  • I also wanted to use our West Elm Green Glass Jug Lamps
  • Aaron wanted a darker color on the walls to promote a sleep cocoon and black out drapes for the windows
  • I was ready to let go of the vanity setup since I found I did my makeup sitting on the bed every day anway
  • I was sick of our old bedding (not pictured, charcoal grey), and with a darker wall color it would look dreadful

So while on bedrest, awaiting the arrival of our little lion, I started cooking up a plan.

I knew I needed to find a way to tie together emerald green, coral, and a dark wall color. I also needed to find a home for a gorgeous oriental rug that came to me originally belonged to my late Uncle John and then my Grandmother. It had lived in the dining room at our old house, and it is was too precious (and pretty) not to have a great home in our new setup.


I bounced around ideas in my head and trolled Pinterest for inspiration but then it came to me, put the two together! The coral benches would pick up the coraly tones in the rug and the emerald could enhance the sagey green, plus I already knew the rug could hold its own with a dark wall color.

So I started playing around with a mock-ups to get to the right solution.

I leaned immediately toward a deep blue or navy, after all I already knew I loved navy walls with the rug and I know my mom is a fan of navy (it’s still her house), but I wanted to be sure so I tried out a few options in photoshop (charcoal – too grey, black -fought the rug, emerald – too taste specific for resale and didn’t work with the lamps) but quickly confirmed that Navy was the way to go.



We picked Naval by Sherwin Williams and hired a local contractor who had done some work for us at the old house to get it painted since we had our hands full packing and I was too pregnant to paint. While we were add it we had him take all the trim from Ivory to White, and that alone made a HUGE difference in how the room felt.

I knew with Navy walls we’d need to bring in lighter elements or the room would feel like a cave. Enter white nightstands and primarily white bedding. Plus I just love how crisp a room feels with white bedding!

We decided on new bedding from Pottery Barn and ordered the  Morgan 400-Thread-Count Duvet & Sham, in Desert Rose and the Shelby Geo Duvet Cover. Why two duvets? We’ve found one key to a happy marriage is that we each have our own comforter so no is accused of hogging the covers! I’ve never spent anywhere near $400 on bedding before, but I had a good coupon code and it was exactly what the space called for, so I splurged.
We found the headboard for 75% off at our auction website and while over in Cincinatti picked up two Hemnes three drawer dressers from IKEA. Now both of these items required a little work because the headboard had a small defect near the side wing that needed to be stitched (thanks sister friend!) and the dressers had to be built, but we were making progress.

We mounted the Z Gallerie Pierre Mirror that had hung over our mantel in the old house over our bed, moved in the furniture, set up an awesome Pack ‘N Play from our dear friends the Hoppers in one corner and called it a bedroom while we waited on Baby.

Well actually that’s not quite true, I was insistent that the outlets in the room all needed to be swapped out because not only were they icky bisque (dated and clashed with the freshly painted trim) but all the outlets were loose (everything would come unplugged when you tried to use it) which is a fire hazard. And with all the other moving tasks, it didn’t quite get done before I landed myself in the hospital with preeclampsia, so I MIGHT have begged Aaron to go to the house the morning of my c-section (prior to the procedure) to switch out the outlets. And because he loves me and is smart enough not to argue with a crying pregnant lady, he obliged.

It took several weeks to get any art hung or anything else unpacked or decorated, but at least we had our beds set-up when we brought our lil guy home for the first time!

Back soon with the “after” photos!

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  1. judy black says:

    I can’t wait to see the after pictures!!! I love your style. Crisp and cozy, and smart and stylish come to mind!

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