Some Things Lost, Others Gained

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here this week, things have been anything but quiet in our real lives. If you are friends with Aaron or I on Facebook, then you probably already know why, we were robbed!

Wednesday morning I went downstairs to take the dog out and found that two doors were standing open and a bunch of really important stuff was gone. Like what? Well only my engagement ring, wedding bands, all my everyday jewelry, my work and personal laptops, three designer bags, sunglasses, my keys, all my IDs and forms of payment, etc. Sometime after Aaron left for work at 5:50 and when I got downstairs at 7:30, all of that was gone, along with the sense of security in our home. It’s incredibly unnerving to know someone was in here while I slept or showered, stealing precious parts of my life. Getting robbed sucked. A lot! I feel naked without my rings and like less of person without  a purse, ID, or any of the trappings of life that I’m so used to. But we are surprisingly upbeat about the whole ordeal. Yes, I miss my ring terribly, and I’m sick over the photos and design work that were on my laptop not backed up. But on the whole, we are doing okay.

In my heart of hearts, I feel extraordinary things are going to come out of this, hell some already have.

My friend Dave, who is like a second father to me, showed up at my door moments after it was discovered to help me wait for the police, he walked in and as soon as he hugged me, things started to get better. It meant so much to both Aaron and I that he showed up like that; Aaron was stuck an hour away and my parents were in Florida, but once Dave walked in, I wasn’t alone anymore wondering if I was safe in my home.

Our  local locksmith (highly recommend Steve’s Lock and Safe to any locals) responded to my call within an hour, and rearranged his whole morning to help us regain our security by replacing all of our locks.

The organizer of our neighborhood watch, put out the word right away and lovely responses came pouring in from neighbors sending sympathy and asking to help.

Friends and family reached out to us in droves, my sweet brother offering up a netbook to get me back online, my favorite choir teacher stopping me on the street to share her story of a similar home break-in and a  high-school friend, who is a fabulously talented newscaster, got in touch about sending down a news crew to share our story. (Check it out here if you’d like, but please remember I’m pregnant and the camera adds at least 10lbs. :) )

We were overwhelmed by the support and caring we received. It is truly amazing to me how much better we feel just from emails, and texts and phone calls. Sometimes when I know someone who is going through something difficult, I don’t say anything because I am worried I can’t do anything to really help, or I am afraid to say the wrong the thing. But this week, I got a big reminder of how much peace and strength come from just knowing that people care.

We are working with local law enforcement & pawn shops, checking Craigslist and stalking the “find-my-Mac” app, in hopes that our property may be returned, but even in the event that it isn’t, I am choosing to see the good in this.

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