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Sorry it’s been so quiet around here, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I ended up in the hospital and then on bed-rest after Baby A threatened to make an early appearance. Thankfully all is now well and under control for him to keep baking for several more weeks, even if it means all kinds of extra restrictions on what I can do.

Before and after that, things were pretty busy at the homestead. As we shared, we’ve decided to try selling our house.  And as you’d might have guessed, Aaron has been busting hump to get the craft room to nursery conversion all finished up before we listed and we’ve had a flurry of other small maintenance and sprucing type tasks keeping us busy as we got ready to put the sign in the yard. Oh and baby sister graduated from college so we had to eat some brains.

Nursery Sneak Peek, Full Update to Come!

Nursery Sneak Peek, Full Update to Come!

But we’ve been wrapping all that up and now we’re on the market! If you know anyone looking for splendid historic home in Downtown Columbus, let us know and we’ll get you all the specifics.

And lest you think that’s enough to keep us busy, staying true to our “never a dull moment” philosophy we have other news to share. We’re taking on a roommate for the summer!

Our good friend Meredith is going to be renting out our “West Wing” suite for a couple of weeks this summer. She’s just finishing up school and is in the process of launching her teaching career in Indiana. She wanted to be in Columbus this summer to get ready for her first teaching job and for wedding planning (she just got engaged to my honorary little brother!!!), but it felt premature to sign a long-term lease. Further complicating things, the rental market in Columbus is really tight, especially for short-term rentals so her options were incredibly limited and in most cases highly overpriced. As we all chatted about it, the idea was floated for her to move in here for a few weeks while she hunts for the right place and saves up for the right rental.  And since we have plenty of space and love hanging out with her and her fiance anyway it seemed like a win-win opportunity.

She’ll have a flexible,  more affordable place to stay; we’ll have a little extra cash to offset some of the sprucing up we’ve been doing to get our house show-worthy, and we’ll all have lots of fun. I’m really excited about it. Even though I wouldn’t have necessarily expected myself to enthusiastically embrace the idea moving someone in with us during my third trimester of pregnancy, I’m doing just that. It is our chance to get even closer to this great girl who will be joining our extended family and it’s totally in keeping with our evolving understanding of what makes Aaron and I happy. We love to be surrounded by family.


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  1. Jo Flohr says:

    Time to slow down. Baby boy is talking to you. You best listen……

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