Gearing up for baby

Holy crap! I’m halfway through my 6th month of pregnancy. Our little guy is scheduled to being weighing in somewhere around 1.5lbs right about now, but he’s been measuring ahead so who knows! He’s almost 2/3 of the way cooked!

While Aaron has been hard at work transforming our neglected craft room into a proper nursery, I’ve been researching baby gear. It’s amazing how much stuff such a little person seems to require.

And speaking of gear, as the due date draws nearer and my belly expands, we’re starting to get questions about where we are registered. For some reason this is making me feel terribly guilty. I understand the joy of giving, and I’ve genuinely loved buying baby gifts for the little ones who’ve entered our lives, so I don’t know why I’m having a hard time with people wanting to spoil our little guy. But I’m struggling with it. Maybe because I feel like we’re already so blessed? Maybe because I see a lot of baby gear as short lived or disposable? Idk. I’m feeling weird about it, but pressing onward. Also we’re incredibly lucky. My cousin/friend Mariel and her family generously gifted us a BOUNTY of baby things handed down from their precious boys. Going through tub after tub of stylish little boy outfits felt like Christmas morning x 100. We are so well stocked on clothes at this point, that I’m begging people not to buy more, I don’t know how he’d wear them all!

But still, being first time parents there is a fair bit of gear we’re going to need or want.

Here are a few of the things we have our eyes on for baby A

As we start to register, we’re noticing some priorities emerging. Namely we want stuff that is:

Multi-purpose: This is a little bit about my preference to avoid our house being overun with ugly plastic baby junk, but also out of recognition that although I’ve been carrying this sweet little boy for 7 months now I still don’t have a good handle on what he’s going to like. I’ve met babies who LIVE for their swings and also babies who refuse to sit in them, so my thinking is, if a product has more than one use, I’m upping the chances Baby A has some use for it? I’m also partial to things that can grow with him.

Meaningful: We’ve picked Leo as the middle name for our little guy and as such are extra fond of Lion things. We’re also big fans of books, especially books that have special memories for us or the people who give them.

Mom/Dad recommended: Since this is our first go-round, we’re counting on recommendations for the tried and true baby must-haves from veteran parents. So parents out there, any advice?


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6 comments on “Gearing up for baby
  1. Sarah Pheral says:

    Seconds on Jo’s comment, as well as the sound machine recommendation. (It works on us, too… BONUS.)

    Regarding your comment about going through things quickly (or something just not working for your baby): there’s NO WAY you’ll know what will work for you, Aaron or Baby A until you try things out. I share your concerns but also consider: 1) are you going to maybe have another? and 2) if you don’t, someone else will. Convenience is key with babies. There were things I didn’t think about until after. Online order and home delivery will solve many ails once Baby A arrives!

    Also, waterproof pads and lots of burp rags. We have waterproof pads in the bassinet and our changing table, and it really helps with cleanup depending on the surface underneath. We use these ( across the changing table, too, right under his bottom for a really quick cleanup–IF the mess keeps to the pad–which it surprisingly does on a regular basis. :) When it does, I just dump it in the laundry hamper (right next to the changing table) and pull out another when I have a free hand. Much easier than changing the whole cover. I have a few WP covers for the bassinet and about a several liners, and at least a dozen burp rags. Depending on how often you want to do laundry, adjust… (We’re at about weekly)

    Also, a comfy, easy to use carrier. So helpful if baby is fussy but you need free hands. Jack screams for a minute when I put him in ours, but then he falls right to sleep. I have a sash one, but don’t love it, because it’s a little too hard to put on and I can’t get it tight enough for my peace of mind. Eric has a simple Infantino with the traditional clips, and I’ve started using it instead because it’s easier and feels more secure.

    Finally, swaddle sleep sacks. Like this:

    We used swaddle blankets too, but Jack’s already wiggling out of them. No wiggling out of this baby though, and it helps with sleep.

    Holler if you have specific questions!

  2. Laura Taylor says:

    First off – the Mamaroo is awesome. The latest model has an iPhone app so you can control it from the other room (!!). It’s great for soothing, or for keeping baby content while you do important stuff like make a sandwich, or shower.

    JuJuBe bags are perfect. The Legacy collection is so darned classy! The BFF is a great all-around choice because of its many compartments and features. The Be Light is a nice addition to your stash – you can toss it in the diaper bag, then take it out with some essentials for shorter trips. A Be Quick or two helps to compartmentalize your big bag and sorts your stuff.

    My No. 1 recommendation for new parents is a sound machine. Marpac makes an excellent model called the Dohm. It uses a real fan instead of a digital sound clip, so you don’t hear it loop. It’s also darned near indestructible!

    Let me know if you’d like more recommendations in any specific category. I’d be happy to share my knowledge! Also check out TheBabyGuy NYC on Facebook. He knows everything about baby gear!

  3. Jo Flohr says:

    Mary you are over thinking this. Baby’s do grow fast and out grow everything. However you have to think about your conviemce. If it moves, rocks or swings it is a good thing. Always remember that if it makes you happy then baby will be happy. You will be great parents just let it happen.

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