Easter Bunny Cake

Since I was a very little girl (5ish), my mom and I have been baking bunny cakes together at Easter. When my sister came along and was big enough to help, she joined the fun over the years has taken over as the chief bunny baker. It’s my favorite Easter tradition, especially since I’m not into ham even a little bit, and we’ve outgrown egg hunts til Baby A joins the party.

We do things a little bit differently each year on the decor, but our standard fare is a lemon cake with lemon frosting. For a few years a specially shaped bunny pan entered the game, but it’s disappeared so we went back to our old stand-by of two 8″ rounds carved into a bunny head.

We ran out of room on the tray we used so his ears ended up a little further to the side than is ideal, but it was still fun to make and delicious to eat, even if he looked more like a yellow dingo than a rabbit.

This year was the first year we incorporated the strawberries and they were a huge hit, so next year, we’re planning on swapping out lemon frosting for cool whip and using all berries for decor.

Raw bunny

Raw bunny

Frosted bunny

Frosted bunny

Hope those of you that celebrated holidays over the weekend be they Easter or Passover enjoyed good food and good times with family or friends!

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