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As I mentioned in my welcome post, this isn’t my first blogging rodeo. So when Aaron and I decided to take the plunge back into blogging together, I knew I needed a plan, and he wanted to be sure that plan left room for his strengths and interests. So we sat down and brainstormed. We spent hours batting around ideas. I was adamant I wanted a shelter blog. Aaron felt strongly our best material would take the form of relationship advice and felt like he had less interest and less to offer in the design world. We considered simply chronicling our life, but both preferred something more structured. As we talked content, we also brainstormed titles and how everything would fit together.  Aaron eventually pitched a concept that was like the kitchen sink of blogs, a little of everything, and with my insistence that we have a tight concept to wrap it around, we settled on Designs on the Sweet Life and used that as the jumping off point for our post categories.

Over time we’ll certainly add more labels, tags, and descriptors, but we expect our posts to fall into the following general categories:

Design-Heart copy Table for Two – Our take on dating and marriage, what’s worked for us, what we’re working on, and otherwise making it work
Design-food copy On the Menu – All things food and fun with an emphasis on cooking and eating. We’ll share recipes and restaurant recommendations and a love of food
Design-family copy Family Style – Posts about preparing for and welcoming baby, adventures in parenting, dealing with in-laws, siblings, and whathaveyou
Design-idea copy Recipes for Success -Where we, a couple of self-improvement junkies. will chronicle our efforts to be our best selves mentally, physically, and spiritually
Design-House copy Home Sweet Home – DIY and Design content featuring holidays happenings, decorating projects, and entertaining tips from our house to yours


We’ll start rolling out fresh content in each of the categories starting this week! Hope you’ll join us!

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