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It’s been an extra busy (and  sickly) January in our house so we haven’t had time for a proper date night. We may not be able to remedy that for a little while longer, so instead of waiting until we have a whole night free for celebration and romance, I wanted to have something nice waiting for my wife when she gets home from a long day of work and community meetings.

Since wine is off the table for my pregnant wife, I figured cake was my next best bet for a little treat to brighten her evening.

So true. Click to buy the print.

A nice little Etsy print that sums up my feelings on cupcakes.


I work up in Downtown Indianapolis, so I stopped by a local Bakery called The Flying Cupcake on Mass. Ave and picked up a couple choice cupcakes. If you’re from the area you probably know The Flying Cupcake from their trucks that drive around town, often with me running after them!






flying cupcake bakery box indiana

The Box

Flying Cupcake Indianapolis Cupcakes

The good stuff!










And in case you’re curious, and I am sure you are: mine is “Mint to be together” Mint icing on a Chocolate cupcake, hers is “Peanut Butter Blackout” Whipped peanut butter icing on a chocolate cupcake and yes, they are DELICIOUS!

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