Charlie @ 4 Months

You blink, and all the sudden your helpless tiny squishy newborn is a person.

Charlie turned 4 months old on Monday and I think we’d all agree that he’s only getting cuter and more fun with each passing day. He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever been around and generally incredibly easy to please.

In the last month Charlie had his first cold, went to his first IU tailgate,  he met his cousin Sofia, he went to his first Renaissance festival, took his first trip to IKEA, had his first day of daycare and has become super talkative.

He loves to coo and squeal, especially at his dad and Grandpa, he always wants to stand up and will turn on his high beam smile if you make eye contact with him.






















And just in case you want to see how quickly he’s growing, here are his other monthly shots.


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