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What a difference a year makes

One year ago today we found out Charlie was on his way! It’s hard to imagine our little family without him, but here’s a shot from that night out celebrating our little secret. x And here’s today. All four Allards

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Charlie @ 4 Months

You blink, and all the sudden your helpless tiny squishy newborn is a person. Charlie turned 4 months old on Monday and I think we’d all agree that he’s only getting cuter and more fun with each passing day. He’s

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Happy Halloween!

Hope your holiday is full of fun. Da do0! From Audrey, Seymour, Orin and Audrey 2

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Graduation Caps

As I shared in yesterday’s brain cupcake post, my tiny baby sister is now a college graduate! Where did the time go? In addition to elaborate baked goods, our plan to mark her achievement also had to include our beloved

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Designs on the Sweet Life –

As I mentioned in my welcome post, this isn’t my first blogging rodeo. So when Aaron and I decided to take the plunge back into blogging together, I knew I needed a plan, and he wanted to be sure that

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Confession: This is officially my third attempt at blogging. Attempt Numero Uno: I Choose My Choice Graduated from law school, moved California, decorated an apartment. Completed 22 posts over 11 months. Attempt Numero Dos: Everything Old Is New Again Moved

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