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Moving Out, While Largely Unable to Move

HA! This post was written a few days before Mr. Magnus arrived in early July, I’ll go ahead and post it now without edits and still an update on the end. So if you missed the announcement in our last

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Turn and face the strange. Have you ever laid awake at night unable to sleep because somewhere deep down you are being called to make a big change in your life? It might be with your job, or your finances,

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To Build A Wall

The nursery project is still going strong (we haven’t just forgotten to update our regular readers), and has been taking a lot of my (Aaron’s) nights working it closer and closer to being ready for baby A. Even if it

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Speakeasy, Sing Loudly

Last night, I had the pleasure of performing a few jazzy numbers at a fundraiser to benefit our local community theater group, the Mill Race Players. It had a roaring 20s, speakeasy theme and was a total blast! Catering was

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Apologies in advance if this post a little too Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, but it’s been on my mind… Last week someone that Aaron and I care about got some very sudden and heartbreaking news. It is the kind of news you

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Powerlifting and the Power of Putting Yourself Out There

This last weekend I (Aaron) turned another year older, and to celebrate I decided to treat / challenge myself to doing my first weight-lifting competition. All in all, it was a great experience: I beat the other novice in my

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The Mindful Attraction Plan (A Review)

I’m a sucker for self-help books. And also anything involving peanut butter or wasabi. But this isn’t a post about peanut butter or wasabi! (I should never write a post just before lunch); it’s about a self-help book I’ve re-read

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Some Things Lost, Others Gained

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here this week, things have been anything but quiet in our real lives. If you are friends with Aaron or I on Facebook, then you probably already know why, we were robbed! Wednesday

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Planning to Cook with Pepperplate

Aaron shared in his post on Resolute Resolutions, that meal planning has been a big part of his success in developing a healthier lifestyle. Being preggers, I’m not currently trying to lose weight, but I still know that meal planning

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Recovering from a bad week

Last week was a crappy week in the Allard house. Stress at work, morning sickness and pregnancy insomnia, finding fleas on the dog, getting in a big fight, etc. and so-on. Have you been there? Nobody died, nothing truly tragic

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