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Showered with Love, And Books!

So you know how I said I’d be rewinding? This is some of that, it’s older but too cute not to share. WAY back in late May, baby sister assisted by some of my very best friends, threw a little

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Getting PSYCHed to Eat Brains

Last Saturday my brilliant baby sister graduated from Ol’ IU with Highest Distinction. To say we are proud is an ¬†understatement, because this girl has accomplished SO much that her neck must be sore from the weight of all of

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Easter Bunny Cake

Since I was a very little girl (5ish), my mom and I have been baking bunny cakes together at Easter. When my sister came along and was big enough to help, she joined the fun over the years has taken

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TBT, Birthday Style

Happy Birthday to Aaron! Aaron is celebrating by taking a well-deserved day off work and then we’re heading over to Bloomington for a birthday dinner with the family. One thing I really love about my family is our silliness surrounding

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Fondue February – Or I dip, You dip, We dip

I really like traditions, and alliteration, so I’m a huge fan of Fondue February. For the past four or so years I’ve invited friends over for Fondue sometime in February. It’s always a slightly different group and menu, but it’s

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Soup-er Bowl Sunday

While most everyone is excited to see Seattle beat those cheatin’ New England bums, Mary and I thought we would get our crockpot on, have some hot soup on this cold rainy Sunday and settle in to enjoy the commercials.

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Designs on a Sweet Night

It’s been an extra busy (and¬† sickly) January in our house so we haven’t had time for a proper date night. We may not be able to remedy that for a little while longer, so instead of waiting until we

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Planning to Cook with Pepperplate

Aaron shared in his post on Resolute Resolutions, that meal planning has been a big part of his success in developing a healthier lifestyle. Being preggers, I’m not currently trying to lose weight, but I still know that meal planning

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