Babies, Brothers, and Brockway

Aaron’s cousin Scott just welcomed his first child, a son, into the world last Sunday, so of course we wanted to high-tail it over to Ohio to give our congratulations to the new parents and meet little Jace.



Isn’t he a doll? If we weren’t already bursting with excitement to meet our own little guy, holding one so freshly baked would have kicked our baby fever into overdrive. Is it bad though that I was glad to hand the baby back over to Mom and Dad? Small panic that when it comes to Baby A there is no one to hand him back to.



The trip to Ohio was also a great opportunity to visit my favorite Brother-in-law sometimes known as Batman, who’s studying pre-Med over at Ohio State.


The brothers.


Further, we had auction purchases to pick up! Aaron and I have been big fans of an auction site called and used it to buy our lovely living room Bobbin chairs, our marigold cocktail ottoman, a crib for baby A and assorted other finds at serious discount. We most frequently shop their Cincinnati locations but when this beauty popped up at their Columbus, Ohio location, I couldn’t resist.

Kohler Brockway Utility Sink

Kohler Brockway Utility Sink

I’ve been obsessed with this sink since at least early 2011 (see my pin from three years ago), and originally wanted it for our main bathroom to replace an oversized chipped and stained pedestal sink. But it’s retail price of $1068 put it squarely out of reach for me financially. I opted for a much more reasonably priced, yet less fabulous sink for $60. But I never forgot the Brockway. It haunted my dreams. Four years ago, I thought maybe future Mary would be able to afford and justify 1,100 plus hardware for a bathroom sink (don’t you just love how hopeful 2011 Mary was?) but being a lot closer to kicking off some stage 2 bathroom remodeling now, I can assure you it was still decidedly too rich for our blood. So imagine my joy when I was able to snatch it up at auction for a mere $67! Can you hear the Hallelujah chorus?

I still need to source faucets and the soap dish, and I’m not 100% sure if this will be the replacement for our current sink in the main bath, or will be in the bath we are looking at creating out of laundry room space in the upstairs. But I am 100% sure that I love it.

So that was our weekend. What were you guys up to?

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