And we’re back.. + 1 new baby – 1 old house

Ok, unintentional 3 month blog break. Let’s blame the care and feeding of one tiny lil baby shall we? Want to play quickie catch-up before I rewind and delve into some of the details?

It’s been the best three months of my life, with some of its most grueling moment sprinkled in along the way.

How so you ask? Well…the week I had an unplanned C-section was also the week we moved out of our house…. and in with my parents.  The Holmes and Rahe stress scale awards us major points (more points is worse here) for cramming all those into one year let alone one week. It was a doozy but SO worth it.

Things are going really well on all fronts.

And our tiny baby bean is not so tiny anymore!

Birthday Boy, freshly hatched.

Birthday Boy, freshly hatched.

One Month!

One Month!

Two months!

Two months!

3 months old!

Three months old!


But there’s lots more than baby to catch you up on (and much more about him) so we’ll be posting again very soon and on the regular!

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