5 weeks, 5 weddings #withababy

This fall we had a bounty of wedded bliss to celebrate between friends and family members. So much so that now if it’s Saturday and we’re not at a wedding or reception, the baby is probably very confused. In fact, after five weekends in a row of celebrating weddings, he probably thought that’s just what we do on Saturdays.

Magnus has been a real trooper about it. For the most part he’s charmed the pants off most of the wedding crowds while napping, smiling, and even hitting the dance floor. His behavior has been so angelic at these events that he has contributed to our delusion that ewe might actually know what we’re doing with this baby. It’s fun.  And since we’ve had so much practice of late, I thought I’d share what works for us in hitting the wedding circuit with a baby.

Here are my tips for taking infants to weddings:

  1. Arrive early to get a good seat near the back in case you need to make a speedy exit. Babies are wily little creatures.
  2. Have food ready and available. I was sure to breastfeed Magnus right before each ceremony, because a full Magnus is a happy Magnus, but even still we’d have a bottle prepped. And since quiet is called for during ceremonies, he got to eat at the first sign of wanting to instead of after taking the time to double-check all the cues. But it worked! No crying during wedding ceremonies from our little guy.
  3. Soak up the opportunities to dress your baby in ridiculous outfits. If there is ever a “good reason” to buy too many baby bow ties, surely this is it, or if you’re my particular brand of crazy, to plan color coordinated outfits for the whole family.
  4. Bring backup outfits. PLURAL. You never know for sure where a blowout will strike, but odds are it will happen in a public, formal setting, like say a rather loud emission as a bride made her way down the aisle. Ooops!
  5. Take as many pictures as you can. We did better at this at some events than others, but we’re learning the more pictures taken, the better the chances of something usable. But really, what’s the point of ridiculous baby ensembles if you don’t have photographic proof of them? And they really do grow up so fast!
  6. Accept help. Sleepy babies are heavy, pass them back and forth if need be between parents. Dead arm is no way to start your evening. Also there will be people at these events that want to help you. If you’re confident you aren’t risking crazy germ exposures, let them hold the baby while you dance with your partner. Let them hold the doors for you. Let them help you carry the extra plate back from the buffet. If you’re lucky enough to have baby’s grandparents in attendance, and they’re kind enough to take baby home early, say yes please and thank you!
  7. Know your limits and your baby’s. It’s okay not to stay until they kick you out, your friends will understand. Also know your limits on wedding boozing. 4am feeds with a hangover are a lot less fun for everyone. Also when baby is done, let him be done. It’s not the right time for a battle of wills, sure maybe you will eventually calm your tiny terrorist, but don’t be a hero. If baby gets too cranky, clear out, you can win that battle in the privacy of your car or hotel room.

After sharing this I realize, these are really my tips for going anywhere with a baby.

And for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of our family at these blessed events:

Magnus waving a ribbon wand after Anna & Joey's gorgeous wedding!

Magnus waving a ribbon wand after Anna & Joey’s gorgeous wedding!

Mommy and Magnus shaking tail feathers on the dance floor at Alyssa & Matt's amazing wedding!

Mommy and Magnus shaking tail feathers on the dance floor at Alyssa & Matt’s amazing wedding!

Practicing being a very fancy baby

Practicing being a very fancy baby to celebrate Heidi and Barry

Someone signaling his approaching bedtime after partying hard in celebration of Katie and Brennan

Someone signaling his approaching bedtime after partying hard in celebration of Katie and Brennan


Family selfie at Megan and Daniel's glorious day!

Family selfie at Megan and Daniel’s glorious day!

I’m so looking forward to our last wedding celebration of the fall this coming weekend. We’ll be heading south for a family reception in Georgia for my lovely cousin and her new husband. I’m so excited to celebrate them, see my extended family and introduce them to our little guy!

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