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Designs on a Sweet Night

It’s been an extra busy (and  sickly) January in our house so we haven’t had time for a proper date night. We may not be able to remedy that for a little while longer, so instead of waiting until we

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Planning to Cook with Pepperplate

Aaron shared in his post on Resolute Resolutions, that meal planning has been a big part of his success in developing a healthier lifestyle. Being preggers, I’m not currently trying to lose weight, but I still know that meal planning

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Nursery Plans: Getting in the Mood

Mary’s wishes for an easier week have not fully materialized. She has come down with the flu, which seems even less fun while pregnant. Luckily she’s been able to work from home while recuperating, but I’ll be taking over posting for

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Recovering from a bad week

Last week was a crappy week in the Allard house. Stress at work, morning sickness and pregnancy insomnia, finding fleas on the dog, getting in a big fight, etc. and so-on. Have you been there? Nobody died, nothing truly tragic

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Nursery Plans, Hung up on where to hang up

As Aaron shared earlier this week, we’ve got a nursery under construction. The kitchen leftovers had to go to make room for baby, once those walls are patched up we can get to work making it a proper bedroom. It

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Making (a) room for baby

I know it has been a bit different for Mary, but for me this whole “we’re having a baby thing” wasn’t on my mind, all day each day at first. Sure every so often it would pop up and fill

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New Year, New Throw Pillows

I mentioned in my post on improving my attitude on January  my good friends at Target were a key part of helping me embrace the end of Christmas. As the clearance holiday items were cleared out, new home decor was brought in.

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The Least Wonderful Time of the Year?

If you know me in real life, you likely know that I’m obsessed with Christmas. Every year I start listening to Christmas music in secret weeks before it is appropriate, I’m itching to break out the decorations the minute Thanksgiving

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The Game of Life

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Resolute Resolutions

At the gym today, I hopped onto a treadmill and happened to catch a TV ad for different local gym, followed by a Weight Watchers commercial. I took a look around at the unusually-full cardio room, and said to myself “Yep, it’s

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